Factories & Suppliers


LITTLE PURIST is a family run business. We are mother and daugther who want to make the world a little more sustainable for our children and grandchildren. We want to rethink fast fashion by creating products that are timeless and high quality making them last for generations.

The passion for wool and knitting has been passed down for generations in our family. As long as I can remember my grandmother used to knit for the family and my mother started her own company selling wool and giving knitting classes in the 80’s. The tradition of knitting in our family continued with my mom. She knitted blankets, pullovers and dresses for me and also for my children.

When I got pregnant with my kids my view on things started to shift. I got more conscious about buying sustainable and long lasting goods because I wanted the world to be a better place for my kids. Apart from that I was very keen on using non toxic items for environmental and health reasons. My values together with our family's tradition of knitting lead us to this wonderful journey of LITTLE PURIST.


Our Products

Our products are made from 100% mulesing free Organic Merino Wool. We only source from certified partners who ensure sustainable production, fair social standards and using no harmful chemicals in their dying process.

Wool is organic, renewable and biodegradable which makes it the perfect sustainable material.

For us it is not only important to make pure and honest products which are good for your baby but are also good for the environment.

Therefore we also use recycled certified paper for all our hangtags and organic cotton for our textile labels. Only certified ink is used during the dying process.

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